Overall it was a very good experience as well as a professional company to deal with. Workers were very friendly and took great care of my furniture. Thank you.

Michael Condelli, Alexander Heights

  • No depot to depot charges for all Perth Metro
  • Free At Home Quotations
  • Personal, friendly service
  • Full Insurance included
  • Very competitive rates
  • Customer focused – we go the extra mile
  • Fleet of various sized trucks – we match the job to the truck to ensure quickest move


  • Start packing as early as you can, beginning with items not used regularly
  • Pack one room at a time, labelling boxes with room name/contents on at least 2 sides
  • Mark boxes ‘heavy’ or ‘fragile’
  • Place packing paper at the top and bottom of each box for protection of more delicate items
  • Wrap each delicate item individually in packing paper, bubble wrap or newspaper
  • Ensure boxes are packed to their capacity by adding extra packing paper (screwed up) to fill gaps
  • Ensure all box closures are well taped and any weaknesses in the boxes are taped over
  • Do not pack boxes so that they are too heavy to lift – heavy items such as books should be packed in smaller boxes
  • Make sure brown packing tape is used to secure boxes
  • Essential items should be kept separate, to travel in your vehicle or packed last into the removals truck.